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We believe sharing is caring. A few tips and advice can keep you and your boiler or heating systems out of trouble. These tips and guides are to be used at your own discretion, we always advise customers and public to call a qualified local gas boiler engineer or plumber.

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Boiler & Heating Advice & Tips

Bleeding Radiators: Ensuring Efficient Heating

Turn Off Heating: Before bleeding a radiator, turn off your heating system to prevent any hot water leaks.

Use a Radiator Key: 

Locate the radiator bleed valve, usually found at the top of the radiator. Use a radiator key or a suitable tool to slowly open the valve.

Release Air:

As you turn the valve, you'll hear a hissing sound as trapped air escapes. Once water starts flowing steadily, close the valve. Remember to have a cloth or container handy to catch any water.

Topping Up Your Boiler: Maintaining Pressure

Check Boiler Pressure: Regularly check your boiler's pressure gauge. If it falls below the recommended level advised, you'll need to top it up.

Locate Filling Loop:

Find the filling loop, usually located beneath or near the boiler. Attach it to the valves and slowly open to allow water to enter the system until the pressure reaches the correct level.

Monitor Gauge:

Once the pressure is back to the appropriate range, close the valves and monitor the pressure gauge to ensure stability.

Defrosting Frozen Condense Pipes: Restoring Functionality

Locate the Pipe: Frozen condensate pipes can cause boiler shutdowns. Locate the condensate pipe, usually a plastic pipe that runs from the boiler to an external drain.

Thaw Gently:

Use warm (not boiling) water or a hot water bottle to gently thaw the frozen section. Avoid using excessive heat, as it may damage the pipe.

Reset Boiler:

After the pipe is thawed, reset your boiler following the manufacturer's instructions to resume normal operation.

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